The Best 7 TV Shows to Binge-Watch on Streaming Platforms

When it comes to finding a great TV show to binge-watch, there is no shortage of options on streaming platforms. With so many choices, it can be difficult to know where to start. To help you narrow down your options, here are the 7 best TV shows to binge-watch on streaming platforms.

Stranger Things (Netflix)

Stranger Things is a popular sci-fi/horror series that takes place in the 1980s. The show follows a group of kids as they try to solve the mystery of their missing friend and the supernatural events that are happening in their town. With its suspenseful storyline and excellent character development, Stranger Things is a must-watch for fans of the genre.

Game of Thrones (HBO Max)

Game of Thrones is a fantasy series that is widely considered to be one of the best TV shows of all time. The show is set in a medieval world and follows the various houses as they battle for control of the Iron Throne. With its complex characters, intricate plotlines, and stunning visuals, Game of Thrones is a must-watch for any fan of the fantasy genre.

The Office (Peacock)

The Office is a mockumentary-style comedy that follows the daily lives of the employees at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. With its witty writing and hilarious characters, The Office has become a cult classic and is a must-watch for anyone who loves to laugh.

Breaking Bad (Netflix)

Breaking Bad is a crime drama that follows the journey of a high school chemistry teacher who turns to making and selling drugs after being diagnosed with cancer. With its tense plot and excellent acting, Breaking Bad is a must-watch for fans of the crime genre.

The Crown (Netflix)

The Crown is a historical drama that follows the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. With its stunning costumes and sets, and its excellent performances, The Crown is a must-watch for anyone who loves a good historical drama.

Friends (HBO Max)

Friends is a classic sitcom that follows a group of friends as they navigate life in New York City. With its lovable characters and hilarious writing, Friends is a must-watch for anyone who loves to laugh.

The Mandalorian (Disney+)

The Mandalorian is a sci-fi series set in the Star Wars universe. The show follows a bounty hunter who is tasked with protecting a young child who is being hunted by the Empire. With its excellent special effects and action-packed storyline, The Mandalorian is a must-watch for any fan of the Star Wars franchise.


These 7 TV shows are some of the best options for binge-watching on streaming platforms. From sci-fi and fantasy to comedy and drama, these shows offer something for everyone. So why not grab some snacks, get comfortable, and dive into one of these excellent series today?

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