Don’t Be a Scaredy Cat: How Promo Codes Can Help You Save Big on Halloween Accessories

Halloween has its roots in Samhain, a pagan holiday, and the word “Halloween” derives from All Hallows’ Eve, which means “hallowed evening.”

The upcoming Halloween holiday allows retailers to capture new shoppers before the official kickoff of the Christmas shopping season. Capturing these shoppers may seem intimidating, but it’s very simple. Decorations make up most Halloween purchases (10.4 billion dollars in 2021). Many decoration stores offer coupons and sales that enable consumers to decorate for Halloween without exceeding their budgets.

Look for Coupons 

People are often more inclined to purchase a product during national holidays or special events. This is why many businesses choose to run seasonal promotions. This can be as simple as adding a special free candies coupon in your delivery box or an extra refill of pumpkin latte for all orders placed on Halloween. Many seasonal specialty stores sell various costume accessories and decorations. Its stores usually open before Halloween and close shortly after, but its website remains online year-round, allowing customers to browse and shop for the same products. To save on Halloween purchases, you can sign up for their email newsletter to receive money-off vouchers and sale updates in your inbox. You can also earn cash back on your Halloween purchases. You can find a full range of deals like a Spirit Halloween promo code and discounts on their website.

Check the Sale Section

The sale section is your best friend for getting your hands on Halloween costumes, candy and decorations at a fraction of their normal price. This is because many stores and brands slash prices by 60-90% after Halloween as they eliminate their old stock and make way for the new inventory for the next year. Lastly, consider setting up a budget for your Halloween spending and stick to it. This can help you stay on track with your savings goals. For instance, you can set aside a specific amount of cash for your costume, candy and decorations, then put the money in envelopes or a separate checking account to avoid going overboard.

Check the Store’s Website

In addition to coupons, rebate apps, and store sales, some retailers offer specialized deals through their websites. Some offer free shipping on orders of $40 or more right now, and they have a huge selection of Halloween items for up to 65% off. You can also find cheap accessories like wigs, masks and makeup online. For example, click on “Filter by price” and select the option that says “under $25.” That will show you all the costume, mask and accessory options priced under that amount.

Check Special Offers

Many stores run specials on Halloween products, including party supplies, costumes and decorations. Shop these sales and use coupons to maximize your savings. Alternatively, consider purchasing Halloween decor items at a discount using arts and crafts supplies to create your costume accessories or props. Stores send coupons in their mailers and on their websites. Another tip is to shop the day after Halloween for the best deals on costumes and candy. Retailers slash prices on this stuff by up to 75 percent as they clear out the stock to make room for Christmas merchandise. Lastly, remember that many Halloween stores offer discounts, especially on the event day. So don’t let your budget scare you away from this spooktacular holiday.

Check for Discounts

If you want to decorate your home for Halloween but only have a little left over from your budget after accounting for bills and necessary discretionary spending, first account for how much of your monthly savings you’re willing to devote to spooky decor. That will help you avoid overspending. If that number is less than you’d like, start by scouting in-person deals. Stores that regularly send coupons through the mail or on their websites sell a variety of decorations that you can use to spook up your home for a fraction of their retail prices. You can also save on costumes and candy by shopping the day after Halloween. Most retailers slash prices by up to 75% the minute Halloween ends as they desperately clear out inventory to make room for Christmas merchandise.

Visit the Store in Person

Halloween can be a big expense. Costumes, candy, and decorations all add up quickly, and the average American is expected to spend $83 this year. But it doesn’t have to be that way! You can have a fun Halloween without breaking the bank by taking simple steps. If you plan to buy a new costume this year, try searching for it in stores. You might find something perfect for your child or even yourself. It’s also worth asking friends if they have costumes from previous years that they’d be willing to lend or trade. Another great place to find costumes is online. Websites have a huge selection, and many are affordable. For even more savings, use a cashback website when you shop. 

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